Cost Savings

Cost Savings

How Much Will My Exam Cost?

Whether or not you are using insurance, we offer pricing that is fair and affordable.



 (Self pay pricing is ONLY for patients who are not using health insurance. Health insurance rates are determined by individual health plans. Feel free to contact our billing department if you have questions about your health insurance coverage).


It is smart to be educated about the cost of your healthcare.  Bright Light will leave you with no surprises.  Our pricing is honest and fair, and we can tell you up-front what your out-of-pocket cost will be.  Just call our billing specialist, who will take the time to make sure that you get your exam, with the security of knowing that you won't get any unexpected bills.


There is one guarantee-- at an independent facility like ours, your cost will be MUCH lower than at a hospital facility.  As an example, an MRI at a hospital costs in the thousands, with your cost at Bright Light a few hundred dollars.  Call us today.  We can help you make an educated choice.



Compare Bright Light Medical Imaging vs Hospital Prices


Hospital-quality equipment at a fraction of the hospital cost. Unsurpassed personal care and convenience.


Bright Light Medical Imaging




Self-pay Fee


Insurance Fee*



MRI without contrast




CT without contrast








Mammogram screening digital









High quality care.

One bill only.

No surprises.


Hospital scan fee--

does not include additional

radiologist fee,

sent as a SECOND BILL

Your Health is Important.

You deserve the best in medical care, without the unnecessary high cost. We are committed to offering patients affordable and high-quality care.

This is the Bright Light Difference.

*estimated insurance fee taken from BLMI average allowed amounts. CT and MR averages for scans without contrast.