What is 3D Mammography?



We offer 3D Mammography at our Elk Grove and Bedford Park Locations!


What is 3D Mammography, and Why is it so Important?


3D mammography (Digital breast tomosynthesis) is the most advanced breast imaging tool for early detection in breast cancer. When combined with 2D mammography, studies have found an increased detection in breast cancer, and a decrease in the amount of call backs patients need for additional screenings. 


How Does it Work?

3D mammograms work with an x-ray arm that sweeps over the breast and produces multiple images within seconds.These pictures allow your doctor to look layer by layer at your breast tissues. Small breast cancers can go undetected in between overlapping layers in 2D mammography. Breast tomosynthesis will help this problem significantly. 


3D mammography will only take a few more seconds more than your original mammogram, and it will require no extra compression. 


Which Patients Should Use 3D Mammography?

We recommend anyone to use this new technology. It never hurts to be extra safe!


“We are so excited to have this revolutionary technology at two of our locations at Bright Light Medical Imaging,” said Resham Mendi, MD, “This is going to ensure we give our patients the utmost care possible.” 


To schedule an appointment with us for your 3D mammogram, call us at 847-616-2000.